Grocery Shopping

allergy-friendly stores – healthy and on a budget

Shopping allergy-friendly is time-consuming.  That doesn’t mean that it needs to be expensive, too.  I have found some cheap items in surprising stores.  Below are my grocery lists for the following stores.


  1. Meat products – yes, Walmart does (surprisingly) carry regular butcher meat that is specifically gluten-free labelled and relatively inexpensive.  On a good day, they usually mark these products down $2-3 as well.  This is always a good find when trying to re-stock your freezer!


  1. Meat products (as well, and same as above)
  2. Cider – cider for cheaper is what I mean here.  Keep checking back, they are always re-stocking new and different options.

Big Lots

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Products – this is a product that I have previously avoided due to the high cost.  In Big Lots, the prices are slashed more than half on some of the products this company carries.
  2. Beverages – stock up on coconut water and sparkling water here, as long as they have it in stock.

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